OEF Angles et triangles en cinquième. --- Introduction ---

Ce module regroupe pour l'instant 13 exercices sur les angles et les triangles. Il n'y a pas de question de trigonométrie.
Contributors: Paul Byache.


Choose one or more exercises from the list and specify the settings (simplified or expert menu). Then click Start. The exercises will be randomly selected from your selection (or otherwise from among all the available exercises if you didn't select any).
General parameters
General setup
A series of exercises corresponds to the work that needs to be done before getting a grade. The order is by default the order you see in the list. It is only relevant if the number of selected exercises equals the number of exercises in the series.
You may later change this order after insertion in a worksheet.
You can put two numbers into the time limit, a smaller limit followed by a larger one, separated by a comma, without space. In this case, the first limit (counted in seconds) starts score reduction. The second number, by default equal to the first one, gives the delay until the score reaches 0.
Maximum tries with the same version of an exercise series
Select a number n larger than 1 to avoid a change of the random data of the series at each new try: the data will change only after a correct answer or after n tries.

Expert menu

Set-up for the analysis of answers
Click on Expert menu for further details.